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LikeCoin distribution offer

Purpose: to promote LikeCoin among users of the global blockchain.

In the four years since its inception in 2017, LikeCoin has focused on creators, journalists, media, and readers. Most Likers have never used or even heard of blockchain before using LikeCoin, so the team needs to explain a lot of related concepts in addition to introducing the project itself. I even created #decentralizehk last year, taking on the knowledge of popular science blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Relatively speaking, there is a certain understanding of the blockchain, and the groups of users who created wallets and store coins do not have a deep understanding of LikeCoin. In fact, with over 110,000 LikeCoin wallets, millions of transactions, and a vibrant community, there is never any roughness in a blockchain project. It's just that the team is focused on serving the creators and is not distracted by promotion among cryptocurrency holders. Causing inequality between "human adoption" and "chain attention".

Soon after the official launch of ISCN and the opening of IBC, $ LIKE will soon be available on decentralized exchanges such as Osmosis, Emeris and Sifchain. Now is the perfect time to implement LikeCoin, which has been hidden for four years, to blockchain users around the world.

Audience: ATOM and OSMO holders.

The main LikeCoin chain, launched in 2019, uses the Cosmos SDK as the lower tier, and the two main DEXs (decentralized exchanges) that will soon be listed in $ LIKE are Emeris using $ ATOM and Osmosis using $ OSMO. Whether it's returning to the community that provides the underlying technology, or accounting for the degree of user overlap, $ ATOM and $ OSMO holders are the smartest choice.

Total Giveaway: $ 50,000,000 LIKE

It is valued in US dollars and is over a million, which is equivalent to approximately 4.7% of the LikeCoin issue.

The airdrop will last 180 days. All air drops can be requested within the first 90 days. From day 91, the number of unclaimed airdrops will linearly decrease to 180.

Unclaimed $ LIKEs will be returned to the community pool and subject to future proposals.

Distribution method: square airdrop method

Holders of $ ATOM and $ OSMO each donate $ 25,000,000 HOW?

To reduce the inequality between rich and poor, the square root of the holdings of $ ATOM and $ OSMO will be taken.

Also, reward users who pledge $ ATOM and $ OSMO to contribute to the environment, and pledge tokens will be weighted 2.5 times.

The sampling time for the number of stored coins is 2021.08.18, that is, approximately at the moment when LikeCoin FoTan goes online. Specifically, the Cosmos Hub block height is 7,343,999 and the Osmosis block height is 819,999.

How to get: Meet LikeCoin and complete the task

The above formula represents the maximum airdrop distribution (100%) for each wallet. The user takes the initiative to complete the following five tasks to obtain an airdrop, each of which is 20%.

1. Go to and join the LikeCoin network at Keplr

2. Register an ISCN.

3. Pledge the $ LIKE part to the validator.

4. Vote for any LikeCoin offer.

5. Add liquidity to the $ LIKE designated Osmosis, Emeris and Sifchain liquidity pools.

Five Steps to Community Governance: Discussion, Proposal, Mortgage, Referendum, Implementation


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