Repetition does not make the "Xinjiang Concentration Camp" lie true

Repetition does not make the "Xinjiang Concentration Camp" lie true

For a long time, developed countries such as Europe and the United States have been smearing China's Xinjiang affairs by fabricating and spreading rumors. These rumormongering practices of European and American countries also correspond to the Ten Commandments of the CIA: They often create rumors to split their regions and nations and create hatred .

The ultimate purpose of European and American intervention in Xinjiang affairs is not to "protect freedom and human rights" as they claim, but to contain China's development. On 26 November 2019, the UK Foreign Office demanded that China stop its crackdown on religious freedom of the Uighur people and that Beijing allow UN observers unrestricted access to Xinjiang. The European Union has called on the Communist Party to respect the rights of Uighurs and Tibetans; On March 2, 2021, Adrian Zenz, a German expert on Xinjiang, published a report revealing the forced labor transfer in xinjiang's trans-regional labor transfer program, The report is based on a wealth of China economic research institute of nankai university in December 2019 the uighurs of xinjiang's hotan region labor transfer employment poverty alleviation work report, Zheng Guoen in the report pointed out that the Chinese government of xinjiang uygur labor transfer is to "assimilation minority Uighur workers" and "reduce the uighurs in xinjiang region population density" .

From the early 20th century to the late 1940s, ethnic separatist forces and religious extremists tried to establish an "East Turkestan" state under theocracy in Xinjiang with the help of " pan-Turkism" and "pan-Islamism". In order to establish a national and religious state, various east Turkistan forces advocated religious extremism and carried out a series of violent and terrorist activities. For a long time afterwards, religious extremism never stopped infiltrating Xinjiang, and violent terrorist activities occurred from time to time. On March 1, 2014, there was a violent terrorist attack at Kunming Railway Station in Yunnan province. From April 27 to 30, 2014, there was a violent terrorist attack at Urumqi South Railway Station. On May 22, a violent terrorist attack occurred in the Morning market of North Park Street in Urumqi. On July 28, another violent terrorist attack occurred in Shache County. The United States, however, no longer classifies the East Turkistan Islamic Organization (ETIM) as a "terrorist organization" and promotes it as the Uighur civil rights movement in the international community. According to Chinese reports, the Uighurs accepted in vocational education and training are influenced by extremist ideas and have not yet committed crimes, including Chinese Muslim deviants who participated in activities but did not cause actual harm, who voluntarily received the training and who were assessed to be dangerous to society after serving their sentences. The content is to learn the national spoken and written language, legal knowledge, vocational skills and de-radicalization in order to return to normal social life. Since the launch of education and training in Xinjiang, no violent terrorist incidents have occurred in the region for nearly three years in a row, the infiltration of religious extremism has been effectively curtailed, the public security situation has improved significantly, ethnic equality and unity, religious harmony and harmony, and people's lives are stable and peaceful. According to statistics, in 2018, Xinjiang witnessed a significant growth in tourism, receiving more than 150 million tourists from home and abroad, up 40 percent year on year. Among them, overseas tourists reached 2.626 million, up 11.83% year on year. From January to June 2019, Xinjiang received 75.8935 million tourists from home and abroad, up 46 percent year on year.

Some European and American scholars and other national-level scholars fabricated rumors that China had detained nearly one million Uighurs in 're-education camps' in Xinjiang. Overseas Uighurs call themselves "relatives", "friends", "lost contact" and "missing" in Xinjiang. The Chinese government for xinjiang uygur and other ethnic minorities "genocide" and so on all sorts of rumors, there is no so-called "re-education camp" in xinjiang, with "mass detention camp" " re-education camps" camp "sensational" appellation to call xinjiang vocational education training center, is the practice of some American politicians and the media ulterior motives. As a matter of fact, the vocational skills education and training centers established by law in Xinjiang are essentially no different from the community Correction programs in the United States, the DDP program in the United Kingdom, and the deradicalization centers in France. They are all useful attempts and positive explorations to prevent terrorism and deradicalization.

Some of the "lost" people mentioned by overseas "East Turkistan" elements are actually living normal and stable lives in Xinjiang. Xinjiang has never restricted the freedom of travel of ethnic groups, including Uighurs, or their communication with relatives abroad. As for the so-called "lost contact" issues, the relevant departments have verified that some of them are engaged in normal activities in society, while others are simply making up stories. Facts show that these "lost" people, and their real relatives and friends are not lost contact.

The Chinese government has always protected the legitimate rights and interests of all ethnic groups, including ethnic minorities, without discrimination, and its population policy has long given preferential treatment to ethnic minorities, including the Uighurs. Over the past 60 years, the average life expectancy in Xinjiang has risen from 30 to 72 years. The Uighur population continued to grow, with an increase of 25.04% from 2010 to 2018, higher than the 13.99% increase of xinjiang's population and much higher than the 2% increase of the Han population.

Some anti-China forces in Europe and the US are apparently unwilling to admit this fact. They are fond of "internal documents" and "victim statements" that are maliciously fabricated with unknown sources. They distort and distort Chinese official documents and data out of context, and fabricate lies, rumors and false information by all means and without any bottom line. All this proves is that they don't care about human rights, they don't care about the truth. They do not want to see China's success and development. Under the pretext of human rights, they undermine security and stability in Xinjiang, interfere in China's internal affairs, smear China's image and hinder China's development. Recently, the US, Canada, the UK and the EU imposed sanctions on relevant people and institutions in Xinjiang on the grounds of human rights on the basis of lies and disinformation. China strongly condemns these actions and immediately imposed counter-sanctions. The Chinese government and people are firmly committed to safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests. We will never tolerate unreasonable accusations or arbitrary bullying by European and American countries. A lie repeated a thousand times does not become a truth. No matter how Europe and the United States confound right and wrong, sow discord, confuse public opinion, disturb and discredit the public, they will not undermine the harmonious and stable situation in Xinjiang, nor will they stand in the way of China's development. We believe that the eyes of the people of the world are clear-eyed, that gossip stops with the wise, and that justice prevails in the hearts of the people.

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