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[Mac文獻整理] Zotero x Alfred workflow.


Zotero x Alfred workflow.




過去使用Endnote很習慣,它的匯入citation、Biblography 都非常直觀易懂,但是在統整各個文獻摘錄的重點,並有次序的彙整,則花了我非常多時間。因為Endnote對各pdf的note是儲存於側邊欄位的,Metadata當中,我必須另外拉出一個心智圖去整理所有的相關性,然後再回到word,凝練知識。




Zotero x Alfred workflow.

🔖 Literature citation and management are always a headache for researchers.

In addition to cross-discipline and various fragmented information, there is also a need for highlighting, excerpting, and indexing.

🥰Currently, the common literature management tools include Endnote, Zotero... etc.

In the past, I was used to using Endnote, its import citation, Bibliography are very straightforward and easy to understand, but it took me a lot of time to consolidate the key points of each literature excerpt and compile them in an orderly way. Because Endnote's notes for each pdf are stored in the sidebar, Metadata, I had to pull out a separate mind map to organize all the relevance, and then go back to word to condense the knowledge.

During the epidemic, I spent some time studying the benefits and drawbacks of each software, and finally unified a workflow that allows me to smoothly find my past notes stored in the document management software, or open that document directly when writing an article. Yes, you can do this without leaving a word. But since I'm using an Apple computer, for the time being, I have to apologize to my Windows friends.

📽This video, including how to set up and install the plugin, I hope it can help some researchers who are organizing their literature.

👮‍♂️(Zotero still has some drawbacks, that is, its style editing is not as intuitive as endnote, so it is necessary to spend some time to adjust it for the journal you want to submit. This video uses APA6 as an example)


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