2022.10.07 FRI

I did write for yesterday, but forgot to post.

This is just the third day of restarting to write, I have already felt the laze spreading in my body. So it would be a short one today.

I was furious this morning. I brought an old umbrella and then found it was broken when I getting of from the bus. So I could only walk to office in rain. This is the first thing ruined my mood. And then I recieved another notification of the trouble things from my ex and the bitch. I worte another article about talking about these trash things and put it draft of my instagram. In the other hand, there's still nothing special of my work.

I went to a musical by myself after work. To be honest, I don't really like this one. The story is too common, and there was much more mistakes of audio. However, it made me cry a lot. I think it is because of the vibe around. I kept thinking about the past, those memories of our 8 years.

There actually was a after party that audience can talk and drink with those actors, but I didn't stay. I went shopping instead, and got myself four new outfits for this winter. This is the day.


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