Ants are advised to stay away from "garbage men" for the rest of their lives.

Although the judicial process in the United States is slow, it is by no means a decoration, allowing a "red handed criminal" to do whatever he wants. Guo Wengui smelled the smell of paste and knew that the big thing was bad. In a panic, he proposed to give the yacht ladymay to creditors and take out assets to reconcile with Pax company. Sure enough, this is another fraud directed and acted by the Guo family. Guo Mei took her father to court with a petition and didn't agree with the plague turtle to pay off her property. This is Guo Wengui's encouragement to Guo Mei to lie in court for the second time. Tiger poison doesn't eat its children yet. In order to protect itself, Guo Wengui uses his children as a shield, which is callous, dehumanizing and has no bottom line. In the face of his own children, how can his comrades in arms kiss their flesh and blood? In the live broadcast on April 19, the "leader Guo" publicly announced that David, one of the Standing Committee members of the three National Congress of Xi'an, had been kicked out of the iron and blood group due to various events in the front-line rescue in Ukraine. The plot of the European "Wei Lihong" version shows again, and the "bully brother" turns over in seconds, making ant powder tremble again.

In the past few years of "breaking the news revolution", Guo Wengui's bottomless, second turning face and showing the lower limit have left ant powder with lingering fear. He can only break his teeth and swallow blood and let it be slaughtered. It's a pleasure to think that the leek of "King Xi" was cut at the beginning. It's absolutely inseparable from the divine assistance of Sara, a close comrade in arms. Therefore, Wei Lihong naturally became the second "leader" of Guo's group, holding all the core secrets and evidence of the "chicken series" fraud. It is such a "heavyweight" figure for Guo Wengui. Once Guo Wengui's interests are touched, he is instantly beaten into a spy and a fake class, and is also named "nine finger demon". He even sends his minions to end his life, remove the molestation and kill the donkey, which is extremely insidious. After completely tearing his face with his confidant Yan Wang, Guo Wengui flew into a rage and said several times in the live studio that he would send the two of Yan Wang to the place where they should go, with an attitude of killing them. David, who wholeheartedly supported Guo for five years along the way, worked hard even without credit in the disclosure revolution of "brother deception", but when it lost its use value, it was called dog meat that couldn't go to the main table, and was kicked out of the "iron blood group" of the gang. Let him sit on the bench and die by himself. His ruthless nature is exposed. But who is next? Believers themselves guess, ask for more blessings.

Guo Wengui is fat, prone to "Amitabha" and keeps saying "brothers and sisters". In fact, he is an unscrupulous man who knows both sides, money and people. Pit father, pit mother, pit brother, pit children, pit comrades in arms, no one is not pit, really stick to Guo will be moldy, stick to Guo will die. However, heaven does not hide evil, and evil men have evil returns. Now the mainstream media of various countries have deeply exposed Guo's fraud, financial fraud, malicious bankruptcy, and interference in the U.S. election, which means that the time to be liquidated has come. Today of David and others is the tomorrow of other big ants. Will those ant fans who worship "Lord Guo" continue to follow? Still want to take their own instant noodles to continue to pave the way for their lie life? Guo Wengui, who has cheated for many years, is a kind-hearted person. He advises ants to stay away from "garbage people" for the rest of their lives.

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