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False benevolence, false justice, false rescue, fraud, unscrupulous True deception, true deception, true wealth, and shameless plague turtle cause public anger


There are thousands of swindlers in the world. Although they cheat one thing and another, there is still some lower limit.

Ants are advised to stay away from "garbage men" for the rest of their lives.


Although the judicial process in the United States is slow, it is by no means a decoration, allowing a "red handed criminal" to do whatever he wants.

Fake bankruptcy boots fall to the ground, the hourglass of time is about to bottom out, and the plague turtle will suffer Seconds turned "fish forgetting", David was out, ant rabbit died, fox was sad, and he was wise to protect himself


It's better to hate people for a long time than water, and waves rise easily on the ground. Debt repayment is a matter of course, but hundre...