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Why is Gmail Not Letting me Attach a File?

There are times when Gmail is acting up and you are frustrated while trying to send emails again and again. If you can’t attach files in Gmail. Then just take a look at the points mentioned above and try to avoid them, to continue the sharing:

Gmail attachment limits 

  • Gmail can’t exceed data more than 250 MB
  • Files ending with .EXE does not get attached 
  • Gmail Supported browsers include- Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

Basic Gmail 

In case your basic email services or platforms are not working, switch it to another email set up or contact the operator. 

Go incognito

Just open your Gmail in an incognito tab and log in to send data via Gmail.

Try Gmail Mobile App

If Gmail is not working on your laptop, switch to the phone Gmail App and send the data.

Browser Data And Cache 

Clear all the browsing data history and cache from the recent tabs or from the history. 

Change or Update Browser 

If your current browser is not supporting Gmail, switch to an upgraded version of the Email service. And login to share the Gmail data.

Storage Permissions 

You must have not enabled the storage service. If so, just follow the mini-steps mentioned below:

  • Settings>App>Gmail>Permission

After that, just turn on the permission and grant the permission to access the device data that you are planning to mail. 

Check for Corrupted Files 

There can be times when unknowingly the files that you are sharing are corrupted. So either check for the virus or use Anti-virus. If you are facing the problem currently, use a different device for a quick share.

For more queries or doubts related top “Gmail won’t send files”, just go to Emailsdesk. As this is a one time solution point for all the technical issues and troubleshoots. 



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