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The Return of the Black Riders


In a galaxy far far away, Jell and the Black Riders have been fighting for more than 100 years because Black riders are trying to take over the world and Cyborg is trying to be peaceful.

Black Riders are extremely strong but lack intelligence, but there is only one Jell and millions of Black Riders. If Black Riders appear in the morning they will burn straight away. Because they have been fighting for more than 100 years, the Ghosts and Skilful Archers are teaming up with Jell to obliterate the sinister Black Riders. With a goal to set up a surprise attack, Jell said there are tons of gold in Legendary Arena. So, Black Riders went straight away there, where the new team is waiting to destroy them.

It was dark, cold, and creepy when the black riders arrived. While the black riders were looking around carefully, they saw Jell frantically running away from them. As they began to chase Jell, the invisible ghost smacked the first row of black riders with his royal sword and 100 Black Riders disintegrated immediately. This started the most epic battle of all time. They battled for ten hours and fifty minutes. Archer can use his smartness by shooting a powerful arrow with his enchanted bow. His one shot can eliminate 100,000 enemies.

The BR tried to sneak attack with the strategy of surrounding each of them in groups 10,000. Archer used an arrow and all of the BR that is surrounding him is dead. The Ghost smacked one of the BR then like the domino effect, all of them tumbled over on top of each other and they accidentally speared into each other's heart. Jell , knowing that they are not that smart, juked them by flying into the sky and taking their attention away from remembering that the sun is rising. Jell wants them to burn.

In the end, the sun rose and they all burned to death. Cyborg, Magic Archer, and Royal Ghost became most amazing heroes and they celebrate by going on a journey of adventure.

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