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Bitsong Validator Weekly Report 20220410

Hi, this is the bitsong validator report by Crypto Nature.

Validation Status:

  1. Ranking: 77 (up 3)
  2. uptime: 100%


  1. We vote "yes" on proposal-10, because we think that more discussion is better for some controversial issues. 


  1. Congratulation. The node migration is finished and successful. 
  2. We have our second delegation. There is one delegation from bitsong17sdgajat4k7hu80tg3q4vhdywealsuhqlxgz47. 

Thanks for bitsong17sdgajat4k7hu80tg3q4vhdywealsuhqlxgz47.


There is no new proposal on this weekend at BitSong.


In recent week, we can see that the price of OSMO and JUNO is down. We are not sure about the reason of OSMO, but there are many events on JUNO development. The development on blockchain is harder than web2.0 application. In web2.0, we can upgrade the application in the midnight if we want. Moreover, it can downgrade to previous version because of decision of company for dealing with system crash.

Instead, it is a total disaster on the Web3.0 development. There are a lot of sync issue if we decide to downgrade to previous version. Whenever the accident on the development is happened, the confidence of the holder would be decreased which would make the situation worse than expected. Therefore, everyone who want to invest in the blockchain need to be care about the ultra emotion.


If you interest on staking on the validators, you can consider delegate to us.

Validator information:

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