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Bitsong Validator Weekly Report 20220319

Hi, this is the bitsong validator report by Crypto Nature.

Validation Status:

  1. Ranking: 73
  2. uptime: 100%


  1. We vote "yes" on proposal-10, because we think that more discussion is better for some controversial issues. 


  1. The #Fantokens minted on Sinfonia will be airdropped to the community. If you stake your BTSG on validators, you would probably get some airdrops. 


  1. Recently, we would find out more and more application are coming on the cosmos ecosystem. I think there are two main reason to explain this phenomenon. First, it is the limitation of putting everything on one chain. According to the data from highest TPS chain, Solana. The theoretical TPS is about 65000. The architecture of the Solana is very powerful, especially for its program execution engine. Since it can execute the program simultaneously, the throughput is very high. However, the realistic transactions have some dependency, which the transaction is depended on the other transaction. Therefore, it is very to maintain the highest TPS all the time. The other reason is that transaction has different purposes. For example, one transaction is to swap the tokens or make the auction, the other is to make a post. Whenever the chain is on the traffic, the fee paying for swap to possibly higher than the fee paying for post. Therefore, it can hinder the user on the post application. I think that one application on one chain is more reasonable for block chain application. 
  2. Second, customized chain has more opportunities for making new application. I will discuss this argument on the next week. 


If you interest on staking on the validators, you can consider delegate to us.

Validator information:

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