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On Thomas Friedman: For Trump, Hamas and Bibi, It Is Always Jan. 6

Israelis troops kill innocent Palestinians

Yes, both Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas are trouble makers. They are mad men like Donald Trump just working for their own benefits.

The real solution is to disarm the mad men. And the question is who have the vital tool to make that happen.

The United States government puts American tax dollars to the Netanyahu administration's confer. It empowers the mad man. We are responsible to disarm Benjamin Natanyahu.

Of cause we also need to stop Hamas keeping on get the missiles. The most likely supply chain is from Iran. An effective policy is required to stop the Hamas missiles supply chain.

What the United States needs to do is to stop any funding of Israel until Netanyahu is gone. Lopsided US support of Israel is a fatal foreign policy mistake. It kills innocent people.

The bottom line is that Israeli rightists need to learn how to respect the differences.

Benjamin Netanyahu is the modern day Hitler. Palestinians live matter.

For Trump, Hamas and Bibi, It Is Always Jan. 6


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