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US Lopsided Support of Israel Is A Major Foreign Policy Mistake

Netanyahu is the modern day Hitler

Israel was founded in May 1948 after a United Nations Resolution 181 (II) in 1947. The resolution recommended the creation of independent Arab and Jewish States and a Special International Regime for the city of Jerusalem.

After seventy-four years Israel becomes a major force in the Mid-East, yet Palestinians are still struggling to survive under the whim of Israeli government. One of the major reason is the Western bias in favor of Israel, and in particular, with US lopsided support.

We have to note that Israel is a Jewish state. In another words only Jewish are legitimate to enjoy human rights, all others are second class citizens.

But the reality is that more than twenty percent of Israelis are Arabs. What has happened for the last seven plus decades is best exemplified by a New York Times report about the history of a town named Lydda, The story demonstrates that Israel government is doing ethnic cleansing.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the major architect of this unprecedented modern day crime. The reality is the United States providing billions of dollars to this criminal regime.


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