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Do you know a 12-year-old boy make 350k USD through this project when you buy Weird Whales NFT?

The 12-year-old boy drew a series of paintings during the summer vacation and sold them in the form of Weird Whales NFT on the blockchain. The value of the virtual currency earned was equivalent to 350k USD! These paintings are not exquisite works of art, just a series of whales in pixel style. Each whale has unique colors and accessories, similar to... a set of emoticons. People are so jealous of who can buy Weird Whales NFT.

After the sale of the entire series started in July, it was sold out in less than 9 hours. Benyamin received 80 ETH (Ethereum), which is around 250k USD at today's price.

It's not over yet. Those who buy these whale paintings can also conduct second-hand transactions, and Benyamin can get 2.5% of royalties for every transaction.

So far, 1,500 buyers have participated in it, and the total transaction amount has reached 1,500 ETH

This means that little Benyamin later earned more than 30 ETH from the rake.

According to this posture, he is expected to earn more than 350k USD in virtual currency before the start of school.

This kind of income is already very good. After all, his start-up capital is 300 US dollars-mainly "fuel" fees, that is, the cost of interacting with blockchains such as Ethereum. Ethereum supports the cryptocurrency "Ethereum". Currency" public account book. (Creating, or "mining" NFTs, that is, recording these behaviors on the blockchain, requires payment.) And what is particularly impressive is that he does not feel that he has any outstanding artistic attainments. Place.

"I don't have any artistic talents, but I watched some videos on YouTube and quickly learned how to draw whales in the form of pixels," he told The Telegraph.

Little Benyamin chose to paint weird whales NFT not only because he likes it, there is another saying here. He never thought about someone gonna buy Weird Whales NFT at first. In the currency circle, "whale" is used to describe big players or institutions with more than 1,000 bitcoins. Just as there is "a financial crocodile" in the traditional saying, the corresponding name in the currency circle is "a bitcoin whale". This connection makes this set of whale pixel paintings become a stalk, and further hype the possibility of appreciation. Just like Dogecoin is frantically hyped by players represented by Musk because it is related to the popular doghead terrier on the Internet.

Benyamin's father was a software developer. Benyamin was inspired by his father's work when he was five or six years old. Since then, Benyamin and his brother have learned to write code every day. They are ranked in the top 6% on the coding education community Codewars, and this community is used by tens of thousands of people. Benjamin continues to improve himself by developing on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Benyamin chose to create Weird Whales NFT because in cryptocurrency "whales" refer to those who own 1,000 bitcoins. He also compiled a slogan "Everyone who buy Weird Whales NFT is a whale". Many people believe that Benyamin's success heralds the development trend in the next 15-25 years, which to some extent also heralds people's optimistic conception of blockchain and Bitcoin. Currently, Benyamin deposits all his income in Ethereum.


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