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Metaverse Miner starting the special structure of the connection of GameFi and Metaverse


Metaverse Miner is trending. The rise of the "meta universe" in the materialistic real world is an inevitable result. In the science fiction novel "Snow Crash" published in 1992, the word Metaverse appeared for the first time. It symbolized the new form of the next stage of the Internet after the realization of virtual reality. The emergence of the concept of "meta universe" also revealed It opened a new prelude to the expansion of human social capital from reality to virtual.

In early August, the cumulative transaction volume of the NFT + meta universe game project Axie Infinity exceeded US$1 billion, and its revenue had surpassed the glory of the traditional game king as early as June and July. And Axie Infinity as the leader led the NFT+ meta universe projects sprung up everywhere. At this time, Metaverse Miner came into being. It created a new gameplay of NFT+metaverse+DeFi, and it was also the first metaverse concept game with an interstellar universe background in the NFT field.

The story background of Metaverse Miner describes it as follows: In the future, the virtual universe has become a reality. In order to maintain the operation of the virtual universe, the Metaverse Management Federation launched a project code-named "Metaverse Miner", which aims to encourage adventurers to explore a wider range In the galaxy, use terminal control machines to obtain various raw energy in unfamiliar galaxies, and link the "meta universe" with every human planet through the interstellar logistics network.

In fact, "Metaverse Miner" is a NFT+DEFI+metaverse blockchain game. Players can auction off planet NFTs to manage and explore their own planet, or they can purchase a large number of miner NFTs to choose a planet to explore, and Collect "raw energy" through mining. In the game world of "Metaverse Miner", as long as you actively participate in it, you can continue to earn income. Various gameplay combinations, while playing the game, enjoy the "after sleep" income.

The Metaverse Miner project ecosystem is built from three assets: $META tokens, planet NFT and miner NFT.

The $META token is the payment and equity token of the Metaverse Miner ecosystem, and its maximum supply is only 21 million. All planetary NFT auctions must use $META tokens for auction payment. At the same time, $META tokens will also be used for community governance and ecological value capture.

Planet NFT is the core asset of Metaverse Miner, which is extremely scarce. Planet NFT can generate a certain number of miner NFTs in a specific cycle. The mining behavior of the miner’s NFT must also be associated with the corresponding planet’s NFT. The holders of Planet NFT can not only obtain income through miner sales, but also obtain a part of the mining operating expenses and mining output share paid by miners' NFT holders.

Miner NFT is the main way for Metaverse Miner ecosystem to realize $META token distribution and value capture. 70% of the total amount of $META tokens will be released by the pledged mining of miners' NFT.

In the world of blockchain, "decentralization" is an eternal proposition. In the future, we may foresee that when the technology and model of the blockchain game field continue to develop and improve, each GameFi project will eventually gradually evolve to a socialized and DAO decentralized governance model. In this context, Metaverse Miner will inevitably bear more expectations from blockchain game developers and players.


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