靈氣讓人重獲新生 Reiki Gives a Man His Life Back


靈氣讓男人重獲新生 Reiki Gives a Man His Life Back


佩姬是我的同事和好朋友。我問她是否可以將他的名字添加到靈氣治療清單中。她淚流滿面地說,如果有人能讓他的最後幾週過得更舒服,她將會非常感激。我聯繫了靈氣大師Germaine Galjour。 Germaine 每天早上 6 點到 7 點之間進行遠程靈氣治療。她在泡綠茶的過程中,每喝一口,她就會將靈氣傳送到一個人的身體、思想、神性中,並在 24/7 的第二天跟進以靈氣治療師的身分單獨與這位軍人一起治療。


吉恩的旅程始於多年前越南的稻田中。當時作為一名 18 歲的海軍陸戰隊員,他在 1967 年至 1968 年的越南戰爭中為他的國家服役,並多次接觸到有爭議的毒素橙劑(Agent Orange)。回國後的幾十年裡,他不斷遭受美國退伍軍人事務部所說的“服役傷殘補償推定疾病”的折磨,該機構將這些疾病與暴露於橙劑聯繫起來。


一個強有力的假設是,有人離開臨終關懷醫院都是因為這個人已經死了;否則人們不會自行離開。但是,吉恩卻走了出去,甚至在 Ben & Jerry's 停下來吃了個冰淇淋聖代。












Reiki Gives a Man His Life Back

A few short weeks ago, Peggy Woltjer’s life was shattered as doctors at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina informed her that nothing else could be done for her husband, Gene. Delegated to spend the last few weeks of his life in a local Charlotte hospice, all they could do was try to make him comfortable as he lay dying.

Peggy is my co-worker and a good friend. I asked her if it would be okay to add his name to a Reiki Healing List. She tearfully said that she would be very grateful if someone could make his last few weeks more comfortable. I contacted Reiki Master and teacher Germaine Galjour. Germaine does her distant healing every morning between 6–7am. She makes green tea and with each sip she sends the Reiki throughout a person’s body, mind, spirit and closes it off with a 24/7 follow-up for the next day. She went right to work, along with an army of other Reiki healers.

Gene immediately had a sea-change. The results were not gradual—it was a sudden transformation. The attending physician immediately ordered a new MRI. The results were unexpected and unexplainable to the medical staff.

Gene’s journey began years ago in the rice patties of Vietnam. As an 18-year-old Marine serving his country in the Vietnam War between the years of 1967 and 1968, he was repeatedly exposed to the controversial toxin, Agent Orange. Decades after returning, he constantly suffered from a myriad of what the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs refers to as “presumptive ailments” that have since been linked by that agency to exposure to Agent Orange.

Yet, in spite of the expected outcome, Gene was sent home from hospice; while at the time of this writing, he does not have a completely clean bill of health, his progress is beyond amazing. He is no longer having seizures, his tumors have shrunk and no new tumors have been detected, according to his latest MRI. One of the doctors, who didn’t want his name mentioned in an article, said that “this is completely unprecedented.”

It is a strong presumption that when someone leaves hospice it is because the person has died; people don’t leave on their own accord. But, Gene Woltjer walked out and even stopped by Ben & Jerry’s for an ice cream sundae.

Thanks to this amazing Reiki Miracle, Gene is getting better and better! There is no longer a death sentence hanging over his head. He has a deep spiritual life and is not afraid of death, but he is happy to be able to spend many more years with his wife and son.

He is grateful for his second chance at life.

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Karen Helman


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