靈氣治愈小腿肌肉的撕裂傷 Reiki Heals Torn Calf Muscle

靈氣治愈小腿肌肉的撕裂傷 Reiki Heals Torn Calf Muscle

我丈夫踢足球時撕裂了他的小腿肌肉。馬上可見到在皮下的血跡,他的腿也承受不住了。 脊醫告訴他,他將在場邊待上六個星期。 他感覺到被摧毀了。 那天晚上,我簡單地將受傷的小腿肌肉捧在手中,將靈氣傳給了他的小腿肌肉。 我在那個地方保持了大約 20 分鐘。 10-15 分鐘後,我和我丈夫開始感覺到皮膚下有被按摩的感覺。 老公問:“那是什麼?” 我回答說我不知道,並建議我們隨著它去。 這種按摩的感覺就像一連串的波浪來回流動。 我一直保持著這個姿勢,直到這個動作停止。 第二天我丈夫開始走路,沒有感到疼痛,也沒有跛行。 脊椎按摩師宣布他可以在接下來的星期六參加比賽,並為我丈夫怎麼能這麼快康復而撓頭並感到疑惑!










Reiki Heals Torn Calf Muscle

My husband tore his calf muscle playing soccer. The bleeding under the skin was visible immediately, and he couldn’t bear weight on his leg. The chiropractor told him that he would be on the sidelines for six weeks. He was devastated. That night I gave Reiki to his calf muscle by simply cupping the injured calf muscle in my hands. I held it for about 20 minutes in that one spot. After 10–15 minutes my husband and I started to feel a massaging sensation under the skin. My husband asked, “What is that?” I replied that I didn’t know and suggested that we just go with it. The massaging sensation was like a series of waves flowing back and forth. I held the position until the movement stopped. The next day my husband was walking, in no pain and with no limp. The chiropractor declared him fit to play the following Saturday and was scratching his head as to how my husband could have healed so quickly!

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