Buzzshow Network Explained - How it is Revolutionizing Video Sharing

With the introduction of blockchain, the world's took a huge turn. Blockchain-based systems continue to evolve with the passage of time and technological maturity; their advancement is unstoppable. And blockchain-based platforms are the step towards revolution. 

Similarly, a blockchain-based platform BuzzShow Network is revolutionizing the video-sharing industry by providing unique features to its user.

A Step to Revolution - BuzzShow Network

BuzzShow Network is a decentralized social video media network based on crypto rewards. As a reward for watching, sharing, making, and curating films on the network, users can earn "Goldies," BuzzShow Network's native utility token.

What is decentralization in blockchain?

The platform is built on blockchain technology and is the world's first fully decentralized social video network, allowing anybody to join and earn Goldies. BuzzShow Network is extremely user-friendly, with the goal of rewarding each user for their engagement. It doesn't matter if you're watching, sharing, making, or curating videos.

BuzzShow Network is an innovative new approach to the online video industry that will return power to the market's fundamental core that is creators, curators, and viewers. The Network makes use of a decentralized ledger to allow consumers, content providers, and curators to assign value to each other's services without a central authority taking the majority. Every time a person watches and shares a video, they can earn money. Curators and viewers are rewarded and empowered through BuzzShow.

Users will be rewarded money when they upload their first video to the portal.

Another benefit is the ability to create channels and publish videos for no cost. The option to pay for premium services is not available to content creators. Everyone can use it for free.

BuzzShow uses IPFS to prevent having to have a central control center for the videos. As a result, decentralized video storage is ensured. As a result, any connectivity issues in one region have no impact on the rest of the files. Furthermore, subdivisions of the movies will be generated so that they may be recovered even if the blockchain has a malfunction. Content is always protected when it is created.

Unique Features of BuzzShow Network

  • Users will be rewarded with Goldies for curating, uploading, streaming, and sharing videos on the network. 
  • Users can also earn Goldies by referring others. Users can earn Goldies by inviting their friends to BuzzShow Network via personalized referral links. Users can receive 3000 Goldies for bringing on one active user, 1500 goldies for bringing on two active users, and 750 Goldies for bringing on three active users.
  • Moreover, video creators can earn Goldies by selling access to their content if it is of good quality. Users can access this premium material by paying Goldies earned on the platform.
  • Another perk of the platform's Goldies is that they can be staked. Goldies has the potential to grow in value exponentially. By staking them, you can get a return on your investment.
  • BuzzShow Network changed the way money was distributed by allocating a portion of the profits gained from content development to all parties involved. Essentially, the network is set up to benefit all users of the platform. As a result, commercial and premium subscription revenue is distributed fairly among content creators, curators, and viewers based on their level of participation and popularity on the platform.
  • By upgrading the free package to bronze, silver, or Goldy, users can double their earning of Goldies for each action they perform on the platform.
  • Users can also access BuzzShow Shorts, which allows them to watch a range of short videos
  • BuzzShow Network connects the YouTube channel to its network with simply one click. The user is rewarded with three thousand gift goldies as a result.
  • Users can also create channels and upload videos and can earn Goldies for each unique video upload. Everyone can use the platform because it is entirely free.

Final Words

BuzzShow Network without a doubt is the best blockchain-based streaming, sharing, and monetization network. Its distinguishing qualities set it apart from other video-sharing platforms BuzzShow was created with such amazing qualities that it would soon conquer the video-sharing world.


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