Kyle Chu 微風捕手

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貨卡,台灣 最終騎士 Taiwanese truck not Transformer but the Last Knight


貨卡,台灣 最終騎士 Taiwanese truck not Transformer but the Last Knight


As the sun goes up, another day of the truck is gonna start.


The truck could not transform into the fancy robot as the movie. But I’d seen chicken,pigs and some cargoes in boxes I couldn’t recognize on this truck.


It carried almost everything you need but smelly. And it would come back to park beside the rice field at late night.


There’re some empty boxes of Betel nuts and bottles of icy water and stimulating beverage that’s companions of drivers and truck on tough roads.


The truck and its driver are the Last Knight on Taiwanese highways who fight side by side everyday to show more courage than faking Transformers in movies.

(Took with Kodak Ultramax 400 + Konica 現場監督35WB)

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