What happens in Hong Kong on June 12


In the past few months, I have witnessed the deterioration of a city I live in. In the beginning, it is an amendment to the extradition law to surrender a homicide suspect to Taiwan for trial. Not only the regime’s enemies oppose the amendment, their allies too. Government ex-officials say it’s problematic. Legal professionals say it undermines the judiciary. The business sector abhors it. Western democracies express their worries. Even Taiwan announces they would not accept the deal. A million people took to the street to voice their opposition last Sunday. In the face of massive rejection, the government remains obsessed with passing the law.

Today, angry protestors take to the street again to occupy major thoroughfares. I was as angry as they were too. But watching the crackdown at home, my anger is soon overwhelmed by fear. The police have lost their mind. They cheer their colleagues and take group photos as if what they are doing is righteous. The regime condemns the protestors ‘rioters’. But the policemen are more like rioters to me. They threaten reporters. They use excessive force to assault unarmed civilians. They aim for the head when they shoot bean bag rounds. The leader of Hong Kong says we should settle disputes in a civilised way. It is just lip service as what we see today are uncivilised actions by the police.

The police have truly lost their mind, and I know that by watching videos circulating on social media. The biggest TV network of the city (TVB) tries to cover up the brutality against civilians. It broadcasts an exclusive interview with the city’s leader who still insists that she is not going to back down.

I tell myself and my friends not to lose hope. If we do, who is going to hope again? Our hope is you. We put our faith in you to spread these words out to the world. If you believe in peace and liberty, please, save the city we love.