Water: The Thing We Need More than Food


Have you ever imagined yourself without having water for a day or a couple of days? It’s impossible. Water is called as life because we can live for some days without food, but we can’t live for a single day without water. Water is the most essential element in our body like oxygen is and to perform every action inside the body water is needed all the time. Though our body is contain big amount of water, but still our body is like a machine and water works as a fuel. If you drink ample amounts of water, then you must be the fittest person and always have fresh behavior. Many people who do not drink 3-4 litres of water every day always have digestive system problem and their body do not function well.

Water helps our body to process food, extract nutrients from food, make energy out of them, to maintain temperature of the body, throw out waste outside the body. Almost every process mentioned always have their own importance as if any of them stop functioning properly, then our body will react to it and chances of getting ill increases.

Along with maintaining our bodies, it helps us to keep protected from various diseases and viral attacks. You can avoid all these diseases like migraine, kidney issues, various types of headache, nausea, uneasiness that reduces our concentration if you drink 3-4 litres of water every day. Drinking enough water also reduces risk of cancers like bladder cancer & colon cancer, ulcer, acidity, dehydration, stress.

Here are some other helping things that you can expect from water and it always does for you.

1)     Drinking water and keeping the body hydrated means keeping the fuel tank always full which is a guarantee of long run without ending up in the middle.

2)     It helps you burn extra fats from the body and always keep the metabolism active with high rate.

3)     Detoxification is one of the important process in our life which happens every day, which throws off all harmful substances and chemicals outside the body. Water is the most important factor is needed to complete detoxification.

4)     Water maintains body temperature and protect us from outside temperatures, it helps our body to adjust to outside temperatures.

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