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Exercise is important, start moving stop sitting

You don’t score until you score!

It's been more than a year since the outbreak of coronavirus and is still spreading. Millions are facing negative impacts, it has left us an additional challenge to the national economically, not only financial stress putting a strain on us, but it is negatively impacting our physical and mental life. Like me myself, from a personal trainer to an owner of a restaurant but right now keep on grinding for any possibilities.

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Stressful experiences are part of our life, we need to know how to take good care of our body and mind as a response of survival mechanism. As many are facing a serious risk from increasing the physical inactivity during the coronavirus. In fact, people are less aware of how low level of physical activity can be dangerously horrify, decrease muscle mass and strength, increased risk of getting chronic disease and a poor quality of life.

We have all heard our friends or even family members saying I can't do it, I don’t even have time to do exercise. Sedentary is a lifestyle, also a behaviour, it is hard to change it at first but you don’t score until you score.

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Exercise is important

Exercise is the key, the prosperity for a healthy and wealthy lifestyle. Machines, buildings they need maintenance so do human body, we require a regular maintenance. There are 640 skeletal muscles, 206 bones, 360 joints and 900 ligaments in the human body. It is important to look after your body before it is too late, the maintenance fee is going to be terribly high that you can imagine.

First step is always the hardest and complicated but does not mean the effort is not worthwhile.

The common sense, it is, however regular exercise and eating healthy is important. Taking a small step is better none.


Welcome, I am Andy, I will be sharing ideas of fitness and healthy which contribute with my knowledge and experiences.

Don’t forget to push yourself to be more active with knowing your limits and be consistent. Also think about your form and avoid any injuries when doing exercise.

Don't let the negativity brings you down!

Stay healthy stay safe!



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