I was obsessed with this painting at the entrance of the Uffizi, starring at it for over a hour, couldn’t move my feet and I could hear those figures in the picture telling their stories to me:

They called it the "boda", but as i see it, it's more than a wedding, cause frankly no one is really pay attention to the newly-weds, it looks like a dance party but everyone has something else on their mind, seems like everyone has somewhere else to be.

Like the young boy there, napping at the corner, he was tired of serving for the whole week, he just started this job, as a single child to his family, he got a sick mom and a dad that never sober and never home, the boy got this job through one of his relatives, actually he just turned 15 few days ago, but he knew life for him is all about surviving. He can’t help fall asleep at the wedding, as the dream could save him from the reality, give him wings and bring him to somewhere warm and cozy...

Another two young men that carry the heavy golden plate together was so carefully as they afraid of breaking it, if so they definitely going to be slashed by the host, yes, they knew it for sure. They have been doing this job for quite a long time, they have seen enough how these elegant guests can turn into a beast in second, yelling and kicking at them cause that's what those upper class see the. as, slaves with no dignity, no feelings..

The band that invited to play at the wedding, the crew was worrying about whether or not the host going to pay them fully cause this is it, they always make up some excuses and trying to pay less, last time they were even blamed for not help cleaning the table. The eldest in the group cannot stop worrying about his young apprentice who is now playing next to him, he is so fresh and simple, when he warning this young man before the wedding he didn’t take him seriously at all. This young man thought he is gift and talented in his violin, but frankly the guests are not here is enjoy his show, it’s not about him at all, he is just an entertaining, a decoration, same as the bouquets on the table, not a necessity but nice to have. He shall know how to keep his mouth shut and put away his ego, which reminds the old man about what he used to think and believe. Now he knew and fully understand the harsh reality he has to deal with, anything goes wrong, it would cost their entire night for nothing if anyone did anything inappropriate, not to mention if that stupid arrogant young man accidentally play the wrong note or behave awkward or even worse ruined the party, the whole crew will receive no payments and later on no more wedding invitations for their band...these worries make him cannot concentrate on his own play...

Have you seen those two women are whispering about the bride, the bride is so young to have any idea what love is, she is not sure about giving her whole life to this man standing next to her, she just accepting her destiny as it’s a way of growing up of becoming someone’s wife, same as every girl else that she grew up with, they’re either someone’s wife and became moms already, maybe that’s how life goes, changes arranged then she has to embrace it... 

The groom, he had quite a few fling with the women at their local bar, but he cant forget the night that he lost his virginity, this women he always seen in the bar, some of his friends already slept with her. He is quite about what she is doing for make living. That night, with few tequila he finally pull up and talk to her. She took him into a corner and offered him a blow job. He came quickly as he was way too nervous that will be caught by the others. He had tried with some other women after her, sometimes good, sometimes just meet his needs.

Now he is finally decided to move on. The first time he saw his wife the crowds, he was stunt, as she is nothing like the women he used to know. Not only obsessed with the beautiful figure of her but also there’s something else attracting him. The way she walks, she talks when his eyes meet hers, his heart beating so fast. It’s like she has some magic that calling his inside. He asked her father right away if he could marry his daughter.

Now Today is the big day for him, for both of them. He is fulfilled with joy and feels like the most happy man in the world... 


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