From where you came to where you go

I am who I am

As I always be

Sometimes not

I’m not with myself

Being someone that I’m not familiar with

Doing things that couldn’t recognize of

The place I grew up

Now changed tremendously 

The friends I grew up with

Now become just people that I knew of

As the moment we talk

They’re having their own lives somewhere in the city 

All across the world

With different time zones

That math teacher in my senior high

The geometry she taught

I forgot it all

But I never met anyone looks better in romper jeans than she does

As a child

Time is countless 

I used to spend whole days waiting for the rain

To put a mug in front of my door

To get it filled by rain drops

To water my grandma’s flower

Even she called me nuts

I used to have 7 ice creams a day and chewing gum all the time

The grocery shop that I got it from

I dreamed of worked there when I grew up

Now I still love ice cream and chewing gum

But the flavors is never coming back 


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