Are we they?

"...funny how we imagine that there is better than here, that a change of wallpaper or surroundings will improve anything.

But when we change the subject from geography to ethnography,then we always perceive ourselves as better than they.

And somehow, That is not so funny."

- Steve Kulich 2005 IACCP

The minute we thought “we” are better than “they”

“we” become “they”.

What moved me is the professor not trying to hide his uncertainty, his fear, his uncomfortableness, that he put down his ego, not trying to amazed us with his confidence, competence and convince us that he has everything in control.

So I feel the same with him, every time we walk into a new environment, we wondering will the people accept us. And can’t stop thinking why we want to be accepted? What are we looking for indeed? How our perception impact our feelings.

Are we one person with many identities, or rather there is no this one person at all.

Are we defined by what we are doing now, what we did yesterday, or who we wanna be tomorrow.

What do we want to be perceived of? 

And why is that?


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