Be Prepared be misunderstood


  • Sleep! 睡眠
  • Maintain exercise routines. 保持有规律的运动
  • Eat quality food as best you can. 食物的品质
  • Don’t fall into a chronically slightly stressed state. Meaning don’t watch or scroll through coronavirus tweets all day. 避免长期轻度的压抑,减少关注疫情的文章
  • Give structure to your day and time spent working on things you enjoy. 每天安排固定的时间工作和练习自己喜欢的事情(在有规律的运动之外)
  • Don’t go to the well in training. 在运动中保持补水,不要有口渴的感觉
  • For the most part, ignore all of the advice on supplements, magic pills, etc. that are “immune-boosting.”  忽略那些膳食补充剂和营养补充剂的提升免疫力建议
  • Manage psychological stress: Find activities you can do to give yourself a mental break: Yoga, reading, meditation, walks in nature, etc. 管理外界信息对大脑的思绪和潜意识活动,固定的进行可以让思绪和潜意识得到专注的活动:瑜伽,阅读书籍,户外长时间步行
  • Don’t train yourself (or diet yourself) into glycogen depletion. 训练的强度和时间不超过肌糖原储备的消耗(肌糖原储备水平是当前身体运动表现水平的一个指征)
  • If you do decide to a slightly harder or longer workout, replenish with food and water soon after.超过一个小时或者超过心率强度的训练,每20-30分钟补充水和流质碳水化合物
  • Remember to exercise solo or in small groups with lots of distance to minimize transmission. 单独训练或者保持人群距离,避免传播感染


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