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A man who cheated on his wife

The clean bed was a little messy. The man stared at the ceiling and reminisced about the feeling he had just had. After all these years, this is what "like a fish in water" means. He finally understood the origin of the "fish and water" - a fish in the warm water for it to live, and the water bubble collision, against the current, whether it is a battle, or a game, the fish are living a dignified look.

In addition to the fish, the man, of course, remembers his rival just now, now in the toilet across the room. The man is surprised at her, she is on the battlefield and half an hour ago coyly open the door is like two people.

Honestly, compared to the one at home, both her height and her looks were quite different. She was a little too shy for the man who was not very good at talking. Smiling and bowing her head, she spoke inaudibly. So much so that the man can't really remember what she originally looked like, except for her appearance on the photo. But it has to be said, a professional is a professional.

The toilet rang with the sound of clattering water. The man sat up and thought it was almost time to wash up. At that moment, there was a "buzzing, buzzing" sound on the table. Two words appeared on the screen of the old Apple phone - Dad. The man was stunned and a little overwhelmed. But not because of hesitation to help the woman in the toilet to answer the phone, there is nothing to hesitate. It just seems like there is a mountain of memories weighing down on what just happened.

I don't want to deceive myself, it is a bit ashamed to be here. Just last night, the one at home is "unable to communicate" again because of the children's school.

She always has a lot of things to worry about. Before having children, she actually hesitated whether to be a dink. Because really do not like children, contradictory because of the rational fear of old age. Not only that, she was worried that men don't work at home during the week and won't do it in the future. Although this future has constantly turned into the past, the man has also changed from a workaholic to a "good man" in the kitchen. But this concern has not been eliminated in any way. She also worries about the man's work. She knew she was married to love, so her mouth never said, "I did not ask you to earn much money. But late at night, often because there is not enough money to worry about sleep. At first, I was worried about not having money to have children. Now that the child is 5 years old, there doesn't seem to be any difficulties except for the arguments brought on by her worries at home. The man guessed that the biggest difficulty might be coming - the child's schooling. Of course, not worried about no school, after all, nine years of compulsory education is not bragging rights. But because of the woman's worry two years in advance, he and the child may not be able to spend a few comfortable days at home.

The man looked at the vibrating phone and sighed slightly. "Hey, it's a good thing I gave birth to a boy."

Three months later, the man knocked on another door.

The door was opened by a sister with an infectious smile. Dressed in a very simple outfit, a barely colored sarong draped in front of her legs. She hid behind the door and asked in a whisper, "Is it okay? Come in if you can."

The man felt that it was much better than the last "sea water". Of course, this time is also more expensive. He smiled at the girl and stepped into the door. The girl sat back on the sofa and invited him to sit down. Only then did the man take a closer look at the one in front of him. Because of her waist-length hair, the man looked twice more. He didn't sit down and said, "Let's get started then." The woman smiled "You're in a hurry, let me help you wash up."

The woman had a beautiful hairpin, which made her look like the girl who sat in front of the guy in junior high school. She said there were men who liked it before and even asked her for it, but of course she wouldn't give it. As she spoke, the woman helped the man rub his back. "Do you h

ave to wash this too?" The man wondered. The woman smiled generously "of course, the whole body to, I can have a cleanliness fetish ha". The man could see that she was working very neatly, just like washing her own pig to be sent to slaughter.

The man asked the woman how old she was when she returned to the room to dry off. The woman's expression obviously froze, the man was sensitive to notice. He thought to himself, "Most likely I said the wrong thing, this answer which has the truth, I can really be a rookie." The woman turned frosty into a smile and winked at the man, "This is my secret, I'm not going to tell you." The man who was just worried about saying the wrong thing also showed a cheerful smile. "Good, good, you do not want to say, I will not ask, I do not ask, hahaha." The man was indeed happy, he had rarely felt a girl's gentle rejection. Most of the time it was a head-bashing tirade, asking him back why he was thinking those stupid things. Now this woman's tone made him comfortable, so comfortable that he was willing to give up something.

The woman turned on the TV and amplified the sound. The TV was playing "Bright Sword". The man laughed, feeling humorous, and said, "Why is it still playing anti-Japanese?" . The woman didn't seem to understand much, but just said she was afraid the sound would be too loud. He did not want to explain his humor, so he did not say anything. Next, the man spent the entire time staring at a tattoo on the woman's waist that resembled wings. He didn't understand why such a gentle girl would come to do this, or why she needed a tattoo.

The woman did love cleanliness, so it was soon over. Even so, their small talk made the man feel comfortable. Because the man knows that if he is comfortable here, he can be comfortable back. With the guilt he will have a bigger heart to accommodate the one at home. This way she will also be comfortable. As long as she is comfortable, the man is comfortable. On the one hand, the man does want her to have a good time, on the other hand, he also wants himself to have a good time.

The man is a northern drifter, but in the millions of northern drifters is very successful. Once you graduate, you find a job that solves your household registration, and marry a classmate who is a local. In her father's opposition, the woman finally got together with him. The woman gave the man's WeChat a nickname called "door plate". Because of the man's upright character - do not know how to bow down, let alone bend over. So, really hard just like a board. But the man now not only lowered his head, but also bent over. He does not understand, at first the woman is not like himself such an honest personality? Why is it that nowadays he is always furious because he tries to comfort her with reason when she is angry? If he had to be coquettish, maybe he wouldn't be him. But is he still him compared to the one who has already bent his back? Men don't want to think that much. The world, there is no absolute constant what ah. People always unconsciously move in the direction of the least stress.

The man walks out the door, happily says goodbye to the girl, puts on his mask and takes out his phone. There are a few messages, it is the man's leadership. The man swept a glance, go back and fix the job. The man's work ability is very strong, especially the copywriting. He even felt that the leaders were silently ashamed of themselves. But it is because of the household and family, he did not have the ability to fight like his classmates in the five lakes. He also could not give up a stable job like his friends back home, stepping on the Internet and live wind to make a fortune. He promised the woman's father that he would give her a stable life.

Although taking a modest salary, but his family conditions are average. In response, the woman was downgraded in life. And often hang on the mouth "I am because you quality of life has declined, look at you, and will not be better for me!" The man is actually helpless, he wants to give the woman all, but it seems that even if all give, o

r not enough. He understands that women are actually not materialistic, otherwise they would not have chosen him. But perhaps there is also a part of the reason - under the high pressure of her father, the two of them hug the warmth generated by the love than gold feelings. Before they got married, they never fought, and it was only when they were talking about marriage that the men slowly discovered their mismatch in spending ideas. But by that time it was already riding the tiger. The man also arrogantly thought he would solve the problem. But after the last battle between the woman and the man's mother, the man gradually understood the status of earning power in the family. He sighed, but sighed his talent but like shit was pulled in this place where no bird wants to come.

Another three months. Man recently some despondency, probably because of loneliness. Every day two lines, either working overtime to deal with work, or go back to deal with the family. He is very tired, false feelings to say something against his heart, so that everyone can make everyone feel better. This is what he learned from that last sister. If just talking will make the other side feel better, and it so happens that men know what words can achieve this effect, then why not go along with the other side to say it? The effect is really good. Together with his enlarged chest because of guilt, his relationship with the one at home is much better. That made him happy. But every time he drove back downstairs to his parking space, he would sit for a while. And do not know exactly what to do, he felt that he should smoke a cigarette. But he wouldn't, women weren't allowed, and it wasn't good for the kids. He studied the smoke in the slightly narrowed eyes, as if also some of the elimination of sadness.

He wanted to find the gentle sister with long hair and waist to chat before. He is not willing to think whether the other party is sincere, anyway, false feelings can be just as happy, right? But he couldn't have kept her contact information. So he changed to a more expensive one. It is said that the higher the price, the higher the education. It is also good to be able to talk. The woman who opened the door this time wore a "lot". t-shirt with wide-legged pants, brown hair and big eye shadow, very fashionable. The man smiled "Good, quite good."

The house is very clean, the man changed his shoes, look around the environment, look very experienced. "I've heard that in addition to being in shape and looking good, the middle and high end ones also chat." He said to. He really needed some friends he could talk to, and he didn't care what the other person did or where they came from. The girl smiled and folded the clothes she had taken off and laid them out on the table, looking meticulous. Oh, yes, meticulous, not naked. The man hadn't noticed this. "You're very tidy, the place is clean." The woman smiled, "Of course it is, you have to be hygienic to do this." The man was satisfied and felt as if he had a lot to say, but didn't know where to start. Forget it, let's start with the house.

Probably because it has been thinking about saying something, the girl's preaching and quite a lot, this time it seems not too smooth. The girl is a little less happy because of the wasted tools and wasted effort. The man smiled nervously and apologized. The woman looked at the man, took out another one, and smoothly helped the man get through. The man was grateful, but a little embarrassed "Does this count as two times the money? I do not have oh." The girl pretended to give the man a blank look. "No need."

Probably because the man's apology made the girl feel respected, she said, she would not normally give it away again like this. The man leaned back on the bed and the woman sat on the edge. The two tools were wrapped in toilet paper next to each other. They just talked. The woman said, dry this business, see too many people, there are always some odd and pervert. The man thought, she probably thought the man was not bad, so she talked to him about this. Her tone of v

oice, clearly distinguish the man from others. The man was very comfortable in the eyes of the leader, at home, on the subway, in the parking lot, on the street he is no different from "others". With his current achievements, how to be considered a person in his hometown. But here, it seems difficult to talk about the word dignity.

They even talked about life, the man asked: "So if you get married later, still do this?"

The girl smiled somewhat helplessly: "Of course not, but I have to find a better for me."

"Will you find a very rich one?"

The girl did not hesitate to say: "I really need the money, but really not the money is good, at least to make our future life like a look at it. In fact, I don't mind being a mistress or something, but I also know the difference. There are also men who let me with him, I think he will not be like his wife to me, and will not give me the money he gave his wife, I certainly refused to ah. Hey, really need money, you may think I'm a little what, but this society is like that. .

The man also just smiled. No rebuttal, but his heart is in agreement. He understands that even though the news of Utopia seems to be released every day, the nature of this society is still laughing at the poor, he himself knows the misery of not having money.

The girl said that there are many people who look at her. There is also a small child, younger than her, still in the examination. After coming once added her WeChat, something to talk about. Once the girl asked him for 2000 to pay the rent, he actually wanted to go back after a month. The girl does not understand whether she loves money too much or this brother is too small.

The man and the girl said he met a few months ago the phone call looking for his daughter's father, some emotions in his heart. The woman also seems to have some helplessness. After the man said that he saw that dad's phone, the heart for some reason, a lot of relief, and even close to tears of excitement. Maybe he can only talk to her.

The girl confessed to do their own line of work, parents are not likely to know. She has a sister, slightly older than her, and did not marry. The family's mother is not well, and recently some minor illnesses, need some money. But she has nothing better to do than to rely on this to earn some, otherwise who likes to do it. In a couple of days, I'm going to go back to see my mother.

He recalled those knocked open doors in the past, those women's rooms except for suitcases and some outside looking design but very plain clothes, and nothing else. He knew that these rooms were temporary, but it did show their level of spending. Because the one at home often gave him a variety of big names in science, he hardly ever saw them around these girls. In fact, men don't care who they are chatting across from, where they come from, what they do for a living. Even after thinking about the life experiences of these girls, there is a hint of admiration and sympathy. Of course, he has long since passed the age of the heart of persuading prostitutes to be virtuous and virtuous families to go to sea. Just chatting with each other seems to comfort each other a little.

The two washed together, the girl drew up eyeliner in the mirror, the man leaned against the wall and watched in silence. For the girl's mother, he could not have helped, nor could he have helped. For the boy, the man is just a little sorry that his pure feelings used in the wrong place. For the difficulties of the woman's life, men can only help so far. The man had to go, smile and say goodbye to the girl, can no longer disturb her business. A moment later the girl finished her makeup and resumed her fashionable look when she opened the door and sent him to the door.

The man got into the elevator and exhaled a foul breath. Also back to his previous state. Time to get back to work and family again.


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